D.GNAK is the menswear label of Korean designer Kang Dong Jun. Born in Seoul, Kang trained
at New York's Parson's School of Design and launched D.GNAK with a debut show at 2008 F/W
Seoul Fashion Week. The brand's defining characteristic is tailored clothing with twisted details;
clothing that is achromatic in colour and innovative in silhouette.

The name D.GNAK is formed from the mirrored reflection of Kang's name. It expresses his
fascination with disruption, eclecticism and experimentation. In that vein, D.GNAK is a label that reveals and
conceals at the same time, inviting engagement with the wearer while retaining a level of mystique.

In 2009, Kang launched the diffusion line D by D. The label is younger and more casual in tone
than the main line with references drawn from urban culture and street-wear.

Kang's vision for D.GNAK is popular avant-garde - a brand that stands at the intersection of the
underground and the mainstream; the inventiveness of directional fashion delivered to the wider
men's market without compromise in quality or cut.